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On this page we will be posting items for sale that a Hangar Rat might find useful, such as:

30 x 40 Airplane hangar A-26 located at the NW hangar area Richard L. Jones Airport in Tulsa, OK

This is another great location.  Great community of Hangar Rats and Pilots too!  The hangar is a great bird house for anything the size of a Cessna 182 or smaller.  Great hangout with great neighbors.  $75,000.00 owner financed with 20% down, 5.5 % for 10 years.










Contact fellow Hangar Rat, Carl Potter by email:


SOLD! Thanks to

Airplane Hangar A-52 For Sale at KRVS (Riverside, Tulsa, OK).  LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! This hangar is 40 x 45 and will provide a great place to put your airplane and also give you hours of pleasure watching planes run-up, take-off and land.  Pull up a chair and invite other Hangar Rats to join you in your obsession with airplanes.

This location is a PREMIUM site at this airport.  The hangar even has water to make coffee, wash your airplane or other toys.  Many possible changes to improve your airport lifestyle can be made with this property.






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